Cosplay Ears and Ear Cuffs

Base Color

Trim Color


Release your inner elf! Our ear cuff designs will help you show you love of the Fae. The curl of the ear cuff tucks into the ear just behind the cartilage where the ear connects to the head. The rest of the cuff rests behind the ear extending up and back. They are quite stable for normal movement but could become dislodged during intense LARPing. Made from a 5oz leather for a balance between light weight and durability, they are wet formed and painted to your specifications.

They come in 4 different styles, and a huge variety of color options. Choose your base color and if desired, a trim color. The ear cuffs are painted with high pigment, acrylic paint allowing use to get a large number of possible combinations including metallics. To keep ordering simple, we have a base color (which will cover the whole ear) and a trim color (which will accent the ear tips). Custom color options/multi color combinations are available by request. Please contact us before ordering for details.

(A note on colors: Flesh is exceedingly difficult to match any one persons actual skin tone. Paint is hand mixed for each set of ears and could vary slightly form pair to pair. While we can do our best to match colors from photos, there is no way to get an exact match for any color due to lighting differences and different computer displays. The colors options show are the best representations we have of color examples, but they are approximations and final products may vary slightly. )

Price: $39.47